Assessment for improved student learning and deep understanding requires a range of assessment practices to be used with three overacrching purposes:

Assessment FOR learning - occurs when teachers use information about student progress to inform their teaching

Assessment AS learning - occurs when students reflect on and monitor their progress to inform their future learning goals

Assessment OF learning - occurs when teachers use evidence of student learning to make judgements on student achievement against goals and standards.

Assessment is a vital component in improving student learning.  The school uses a variety of assessment methods which provide teachers with evidence that highlights student strengths and areas that require further imporvement.  Teachers then use this information to guide their planning and teaching to cater for inividual student needs.

Students receive regular verbal and written feedback on their learning and progress and together with their teacher set personal learning goals. Pre and Post testing is utilised in key areas of Mathematics and these results are communicated with parents as Maths learning goals. 

Parents receive a mid year and end of year written report about their child's progress.  A Student Centred Interview is also conducted in Term 3 which involves parents, the class teacher and the student.  Parents are most welcome to meet with their child's teacher at any time during the year to discuss their child's progress and teachers readily contact parents if they have any concerns.