At Deans Marsh Primary School the daily Literacy Block incorporates two hours of Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Our main aims are to develop a love of literacy and prepare students so they can participate actively and effectively in a literate world.

Reading and viewing is a valued and empowering activity which enables students to construct meaning and make sense of their world. The school provides a positive reading environment to encourage students to value reading and support their reading development. Students are involved in a range of engaging reading tasks, have access to a wide variety of texts and are taught reading behaviours through modelling and demonstration. Teachers work with students to develop their reading strategies and comprehension skills.


Writing is a way of communicating through a process of constructing messages and representing ideas, feelings and information in print. During the writing block students investigate and write a range of text types. The school uses the writing program "7 Steps" and students are supported through regular conferences with their teacher to write interesting, creative and informative pieces. Students also participate in weekly "Writer's Notebook" sessions where the focus is on developing a love of writing in all its many forms. There is a strong focus on the teaching of handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar, which is supported by the Sound waves program.

Speaking and Listening (oral language) is the foundation of student learning. It is essential in learning to read and write. Successful use of language is critical for students' development and wellbeing. Almost all classroom based learning relies on oral language. Students are taught specific speaking and listening skills in areas such as vocabulary, following instructions, expressing opinions, conversing with others, phonics and grammar.