Excursions provide valuable hands on experiences for children in all grades and various activities will be conducted throughout the year relevant to the curriculum. Parents are notified in writing prior to any excursion and a permission form must be signed and returned to school to allow a child to take part. These forms also involve permission for authority to take emergency action in case of illness or accident.

Camping activities are conducted for Years 3-6, usually in Term 1 or 2 in order to help us to get our year off on the right foot. The 2018 school camp was to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat with students from Forrest and Alvie schools also attending. The 2019 camp will be an Urban Discovery Camp in Melbourne, in 2016 the students went to Cape Bridgewater and in 2017 the camp was held at Roses Gap. These 4 camp venues rotate yearly. 

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2015 Melbourne Camp

         Cape bridgewater canoeing  Cape Bridgewater Surfing  Cape bridgewater beach

2016 Cape Bridgewater Camp