Leveraging Digital / ICT (Information Communication Technology)

Central to the core values of the school is the challenge we set to be innovative and inspiring in our search for excellence in curriculum, teaching, learning, performance and relationships, which produces engaged, robust citizens and lifelong learners capable of shaping our future.

In an ever changing world it is imperative that schools afford students the best possible opportunities by incorporating various technologies as part of the teaching and learning environment. We aim to empower our students to make good choice online and to have the skills and knowledge needed to confidently use a variety of digital tools.

With the support of School Council and parents we commenced a 1:1 iPad environment in 2014.  With every child having an iPad they have immediate access to up-to-date touch screen devices allowing for learning to take place anywhere and at any time (please refer to the iPad information sheet in your enrolment pack). The school is constantly reviewing and enhancing ICT hardware and programs to provide the opportunity for our students to enter a new world of curriculum possibilities allowing engagement and involvement in their learning. Learning experiences across the school are purposefully designed to develop the attributes of a life-long learner.

iPads are leased from the school by parents at a cost of $45 per term per child. Students will have access to new iPads from the beginning of 2018 as well as a bank of Windows notebooks. Parents have the option of these devices coming home each day or staying at school.


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