Deans Marsh Primary School is aware of the importance of influencing children to adopt positive, long-term attitudes towards Physical Activity.

We offer PE and Sport programs that allow children to participate at their own level of competency, facilitating progression to the highest level possible for those children gifted in this area.

All grade levels participate in Physical Education activities each week which may involving fitness, ball handling, athletics, swimming, Jump Rope for Heart and minor and major games throughout the year.

In Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics children have the opportunity to progress through District, Division, Regional and State competitions.  Children can also individually trial for State teams in Netball, Football, Hockey, Soccer and Basketball.

We have an extremely well stocked Physical Education equipment storeroom for use during Physical Education and Sport sessions.


Interschool Sport

There is usually one sport day during the first half of the year with all children being involved competing against other schools in the Polwarth Sports District.  Family members are encouraged to attend.  This event is usually held at Alvie Consolidated School.

The upper grades also participate in the Polwarth Cross Country and other sporting events with other local country schools, including football, netball, cricket, tennis, badminton, soccer and basketball.

Opportunities exist for competing in interschool cross country, swimming events and athletics for senior students.