Deans Marsh PS has a sister school in Kenya.  Tabaka Academy is situated in Kisii County.  Our students write to their penpals at Tabaka and we also exchange curriculum material with them whilst fundraising for them.

Tabaka Academy

‘It started as a room, a space…’

When I first moved into the house I saw the room – with lots of space.  I was at the netball in Birregurra watching Tamekia Allen play, and talking with Kylie Permezel.  She told me all about the Tabaka Academy in Kenya, and how the Deans Marsh Primary School had been pen pals with the students there for a year; they are desperate for internet access, uniforms and other school resources.  I told Kylie I had this room, this space; I said ‘Let’s do it – let’s make the money to give them’.  The goal is $5000.

Two weeks went by; the room was painted, carpeted, hanging rails went up.  I went back to the school and said ‘let’s go let's do it now’. 

That was three months ago and so far we have raised nearly $2500; you the community have donated many items for sale, and sell them we have. 

Now I am moving house but I believe in my heart we as a community can do it – there are five weeks left to reach that goal of $5000.

If all of us come into the shop and spend $5 or make a cash donation we can get there, so remember all those Christmas gifts you need and stop by  – we have new and vintage items.

Thank you to everyone for your warm hearts and look at what we can accomplish together; we can get that $5000 for Tabaka School – let’s do it now. 

Mel Dellow

The DMPS has charge of all the money raised and will pass it to Tabaka’s students and teachers, but the hard yards here have all been Mel’s, ably assisted by Chloe James.  Thanks to you both