Every school (government and non-government) and children’s service has an emergency management plan that outlines responsibilities, procedures and actions in the event of an emergency.  Parents should be familiar with the details of the emergency plan for their child’s school and raise any queries or concerns they have with the school.  A copy of the Deans Marsh Primary School Emergency Management Plan can be found under "policies" on this website.  Parents are also advised to ensure that their contact details, including mobile phone number, are always up-to-date.

Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities at the highest risk of fire danger are placed on the Department's Bushfire At-Risk Register. The Deans Marsh Primary School is located in a high fire risk area and has been placed on this register.  Inclusion on the register is a trigger for the school to pre-emptively close on days declared Code Red in our Bureau of Meteorology district.   

Schools, kindergartens and licensed child care centres that have been identified as being at high fire risk and on the Department’s Bushfire At-Risk Register will close on days declared Code Red.  If the school is listed as potentially closed on the School and Service Closure List, you should start planning for alternative care arrangements for your child in the event that the planned closure proceeds. Where possible, up to 3-days notice of a planned closure will be provided; parents and carers should, however, expect that in some instances fewer than 3-days notice may be provided.  Notice will be provided to parents by the school via text message.  The final decision to close a school or children’s service will be confirmed no later than midday the day before the planned closure. This decision will not change, irrespective of an improvement in the weather forecast. This will help limit confusion and help your family plan for how your children will be cared for when the school is closed.  No child should be left at home alone or in the care of siblings on high-fire danger days. 

If a bus route is threatened by unexpected fire, the school will enact its local emergency management plan.  Information on changes to bus routes or cancellation of services will be provided by the school.

When a school or children's service is closed for bushfire, no staff will remain on site and all out-of-school care programs (including vacation, before and after school programs) will not operate.  The safety of students and staff is paramount and off-site activities may be
cancelled, postponed or relocated if faced with the threat of bushfire.

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Evacuation Plan for Deans Marsh Primary School    pdfEvacuation Plans