On the first day of school, make your way to your child’s classroom where you will be greeted by the teacher and your child’s buddy, the children will be shown where to put their bags at around 8.45 am. All the children will go to assembly, which is held in the Senior Learning Centre, with the prep children standing in the front row. After this, children will go to their classrooms. We then ask you to leave soon after, as it is felt that children settle down quicker without their parents being present. A morning tea will be provided for new parents in the Musical Kitchen and we encourage you to attend this. Please ensure your child knows who will be taking him/her home.

Foundation (prep) children tend to become very tired during the first few weeks, and therefore they will only attend school for four (4) days each week during February – on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, ie Wednesday will be a stay at home day.

Prep testing occurs during the first few weeks and includes English and Maths.  Students will be required to atend school for one hour on a designated Wednesday.  This is to give teachers an insight into students learning with information used to plan the learning program for them.  More information is sent out to Foundation parents during term 1.