When your child brings home their first book, share the excitement with them. At first, they will “read” by remembering the sentence pattern or by looking at the pictures. This is a natural stage in learning to read. As they get to understand more about reading they will use the print message. The most important thing is to make sense of what they read. If what they say does not make sense, repeat it and ask “Is that the way we say it?” or “What do you think he is doing?” Ask questions that will give a clue to the meaning.

At the beginning of the year, your child will be provided with a reader cover and a reading diary. It is recommended that these be covered as soon as possible.

The reading diary keeps a record of your child’s reading. Parents are asked to hear their child read each night and sign beside the name of the book which is entered in the diary. Comments are also welcome. Please ensure the reader comes to school every day. A certificate is given for every 25 nights reading completed.

The diary also contains information about assisting reading and is worth taking some time to read.

By praising their efforts and sharing their books, we aim to make reading a positive enjoyable experience.