School Uniform

Uniforms are compulsory, and comprise :

Summer             Girls                                                       Red and white gingham dress OR
                                                                                        Red polo shirt & Navy shorts
                                                                                        White socks
                                                                                        Navy school windcheater
                          Boys                                                       Red polo shirt
                                                                                        Navy shorts
                                                                                        Navy school windcheater
Winter               Girls & Boys                                             Red polo shirt
                              Navy blue tracksuit pants
                              Navy school windcheater
Sports Day                                                                      Red polo shirt
                                                                                        Navy shorts
                                                                                        White socks and Runners

School windcheaters, pollar fleece vests, rain jackets, gingham dresses, tracksuit pants and polo shirts can be purchased from the office.  School windcheaters are embroidered and must be purchased from the school.  All other items may be purchased elsewhere.

Grade 6 uniform:  Grade 6 students design a polo shirt and windcheater which may be purchased to wear during their last year of primary school.



It is school policy that sunhats are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4. A school hat is supplied free of charge to all new children enrolling at the school and the hats will remain at school.

For safety reasons, thongs are not allowed. Shoes, sandals (with covered in toes) or sandshoes are fine for summer; in winter gumboots or pull-on sturdy boots may be more practical as the children are required to remove their shoes before entering all learning spaces. Pull-ons or velcro fastenings are easy to manage, especially for the younger ones who cannot yet tie their shoelaces. Slippers are also popular during winter for use in the classroom.